Sunday, June 12, 2011

New designs!

I've actually had these made for a long time, before Craftstravaganza, but I just last week had them photographed! Aren't those little girls (Ruby and Zinnia) adorable? (And isn't photog Leslie talented?)
Just finished putting them all up on my Etsy shop.
The DIY festival last Friday was a good experience for me, even though I only sold one coat. As at Craftstravaganza, I got really good feedback -- the prevailing sentiment: "Oh, they're SO adorable! Too bad I don't know any little girls...." But I did get some good advice on marketing as well, and I figure as new to the game as I am I need to just get myself out there. The festival itself needs a few tweaks, I think. It was only three hours long, kind of hard to find, with limited parking (it was at the U's Rapson Hall). But it was only their first year, and I think it will grow into something bigger.
Next up is my grand experiment with making my own laminate (described in the previous post). No, I haven't tried it yet! But soon.